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 C.D.L steeplejacks know the importance of keeping water ingress out of any structure whether it be a domestic roof or industrial housing units. Water ingress can happen anywhere within a structure and be down to numerous factors. That’s why at C.D.L steeplejacks we believe its the experience that helps us identify water ingress and it’s the clue finding that helps us to find the problem. We carryout survey on all structure from stately homes to blocks of flats looking for water ingress using a variety of methods from steeplejack methods to rope access methods and mewps. We also have the use of drones to help identify water ingress so no part of a structure is out of bounds. We carry out surveys with reports with action and recommendations. We use the most up to date materials when dealing with water ingress on an industrial level and commercial level, but we are also trained in old age techniques if required on heritage building to fix and stop water ingress.

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