Rope Access Service

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Specialised Rope Access Services For a variety of jobs

We offer and use rope access which is a safe system or method at height using ropes and associated equipment to gain access to and from the work place. Rope access and the primary objectives when using rope access is to plan manage and carry out the work with zero accidents, incidents or dangerous occurrence. Rope access has evolved and progressed rapidly over the last decade and here at C.D.L steeplejacks we use a safe system setup with all our rope access using a backup lines and rescue procedures which are all reviewed and implemented separately for each individual project

Rope Access Services:

Rope Access To All Areas

Rope access enables C.D.L steeplejacks to offer safe and speedy alternatives to expensive scaffolding. Offering people on hand to be able to locate and work at the hardest and most awkward to get locations and offers the advantage of minimal impact on other operations and environment enabling us to inspect and maintain structures all year round.