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Steeple Jack Services

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 C.D.L steeplejacks offer all forms of traditional steeplejack services as all our steeplejacks are time served steeplejacks who have trained and met the standards of safety and training required to earn them a gold card within industry standards. Steeplejacking is a renowned and challenging profession with historical ties dating back before the industrial revolution with many steeplejacks trained to work on industrial chimneys church spires and clock towers. Modern steeplejacks will still need these skills and know how to work on many of these old structures as many are still around and continually need maintenance and work carried out on them, but modern day steeplejacks also poses the skills to work on many modern day high rise buildings both industrial and commercial and have adapted skills to apply modern day building skills and techniques with older steeplejacks access techniques.

We offer fully trained steeplejacks who are all also trained in rope access and confined space. We also have an apprentice scheme which will see the next generation of steeplejacks gaining the knowledge and know how. All steeplejacks are required to go through intense training, some in house some out house training and all steeplejacks will be fully trained in all aspects of safety and working at height.