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C.D.L Steeplejacks are predominately a steeplejack company who set out to offer services to the commercial and industrial sector, offering the ability to be able to reach and access areas which are high risk, high height or confined space. Whether the techniques used are traditional steeplejack methods from laddering and suspended scaffold to more modern methods of rope access, MEWP (mobile elevated platforms) or cradle works, here at C.D.L steeplejacks we pride ourselves on safe systems and quality work.

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About Us

Steeplejacks Services

Here at C.D.L steeplejacks we offer all forms of traditional steeplejack services as all our steeplejacks are time served steeplejacks who have trained and met the standards of safety and training required to earn them a gold card within industry standards. Steeplejacking is a renowned and challenging profession with historical ties dating back before the industrial revolution with many steeplejacks trained to work on industrial chimneys church spires and clock towers. Modern steeplejacks will still need these skills and know how to work on many of these old structures as many are still around and continually need maintenance and work carried out on them, but modern day steeplejacks also poses the skills to work on many modern day high rise buildings both industrial and commercial and have adapted skills to apply modern day building skills and techniques with older steeplejacks access techniques.

C.D.L steeplejacks offer fully trained steeplejacks who are all also trained in rope access and confined space. We also have an apprentice scheme which will see the next generation of steeplejacks gaining the knowledge and know how. All steeplejacks are required to go through intense training, some in house some out house training and all steeplejacks will be fully trained in all aspects of safety and working at height

Wide range of top quality services

C.D.L steeplejacks possess a wide variety of skill sets with qualified electricians to stone masons which has seen our services used on such a wide array of projects from church spires and stately homes to high rise flats and grain mills, with our knowledge in construction and modern construction techniques we are able to apply these skills at height or inaccessible areas.


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Steeplejacks Service

 We offer all forms of traditional steeplejack services as all our steeplejacks are time served steeplejacks who have trained and met the standards of safety and training required to earn them a gold card within industry standards.

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Rope Access

C.D.L steeplejacks  offer and use rope access which is a safe system or method at height using ropes and associated equipment to gain access to and from the work place.

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High rise structures and buildings

 C.D.L steeplejacks have been able to implement our knowledge of access techniques to enable us to work on high rise structures and buildings.

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Inspection maintenance

 We use rope access techniques to be able to ascend descend and traverse any building or structure and pride ourselves on being able to offer through our rope access techniques, to be able to get to any nut or cranny on any structure, enabling us to thoroughly inspect and carry out any surveys along with documentation.

heritage works
Heritage works

Heritage works is at the core of C.D.L steeplejacks skill set with many projects been taken on in the heritage sector with a dedicated team who are well adverse with all the complications with dealing with heritage works from the need for a low foot print to keeping in line with traditional building techniques and materials.


 C.D.L steeplejacks  offer a wide variety of cleaning both to the industrial sector and private sector. We offer both high pressure cleaning and low pressure cleaning.

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Electrical testing and maintenance

We have trained electricians amongst our steeplejacks enabling us to offer electrical services incorporated into our heights and access solutions. 

Concrete repairs

Here at C.D.L steeplejacks we have extensive knowledge of testing concrete to repairing concrete and its integrity. We us steeplejack techniques alongside rope access techniques to access the hardest to get to concrete structure to carry out and maintain.

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Weather proofing

C.D.L steeplejacks know the importance of keeping water ingress out of any structure whether it be a domestic roof or industrial housing units. Water ingress can happen anywhere within a structure and be down to numerous factors.

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Confined space work

 We work in all types of confined spaces whether it be under ground or in silos or bunkers. All our confined space work is undertaken with a rescue plan in place for every eventuality.

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