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Industrial and Private Sector cleaning

C.D.L steeplejacks offer a wide variety of cleaning both to the industrial sector and private sector. We offer both high pressure cleaning and low pressure cleaning.

We offer low pressure cleaning which aim is to safeguard the integrity and fabric of the material being cleaned whilst still producing good results. We mainly use low pressure cleaning on much of our heritage works on soft soiled materials where attention to detail is a must where the soiled fragile fabric requires a sensitive and expert approach using our low foot print rope access to reach all areas of the structure.

We also offer high pressure cleaning where the fabric of structure is not so fragile with the help to remove substances such as:

We also offered a variety of different cleaning services which include confined space cleaning and pressure washing for the food industry using rope access techniques to abseil in to a confined space such as a silo or large storage bin. We also provide window cleaning for large high rise building using rope access techniques. 

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